Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brands and the City

on monday one of my favorite bloggers and all time favorite illustrators garance doré posted this video she found on youtube. and as i saw it on men repeller and watched it again i thought i'ld share it with you as well. it's really funny and somehow nostalgic.

it's a 9 minute video with all the brands ever mentioned during the 6 sex and the city seasons. as i love this series and still watch it on repeat i had to share it! 

so lay back and enjoy this 9 minutes of hardcore name dropping.

is anybody else wonderimg who had the time to actually sit down and go through all 94 episodes and put it in a video?! well, i am!

Life Saver

this little gadget is a life, actually not my life. my phones life. 
it's a power bank, a recharger for your battery. you simply connect it with your computer and charge it, and depending on the capacity it charges your phone. 

who of us doesn't know the situation. you are out somewhere, you're battery is dying and you have no charger. 
as we all are quite dependent or even addicted to our phones and all the comfort it gives, this can be a big dilemma. so what to do? go on cold turkey? 
no need for that when you have this power bank in your bag. it's not much bigger than a lipstick and fits in every bag. it comes in different colors, shapes and capacities. 

mine has enough power for a full battery with 300 mhz. i bought it on ebay for a few euros and guarantees a full battery whenever i need it. since i have it i take it with me wherever i go!

Avocado Toast

as the weather is too good to spend it in the kitchen here's a delicious and satisfying meal for lunch or dinner. it's so simple i can't even call it a recipe, so here's the instruction

what you'll need:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 3 slices of whole grain bread or toast
  • 3 eggs
  • vinegar
  • salt & pepper

what to do:

peel avocado and smash it with some salt and pepper. 
meanwhile heat some water and wait until it simmers and put some vinegar into (no salt!!). crack the eggs one after the other and let them slip into the simmering water (it's important that the water does not boil, otherwise the egg white would run apart). i always use a small bowl or cup to help me let it slip in slowly. now let it simmer for about 5 minutes, depends on how liquid you want the yolk.
toast the bread and spread your avocado on it. now put the egg on top and season with salt and pepper. if you want it more spicy sprinkle some tabasco on top.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Urban Safari

summer time is safari time. and because i'm living in a big german city, this look is the closest i come to a safari. but i'm fine with that as i'm an absolute sissy and so the urban jungle is just right down my alley!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sun Protection

sun protection is a big thing in summer. it's important to prevent cancer and skin aging, and of corse painful sunburns. 
people with sensitive skin or acne know how hard it is to find the right sun protection for the face. i've tested lots of different lotions over the years and always broke out heavily, which is not a great thing during summer. but as i have pale sensitive skin it's vital to at least use a spf 30 during summer. 
so i did some research again and found this amazing water resistance lotion from avène. and as i love love love their eau de thermal i thought i'll give it a try. it's for acne prone skin and what can i say? it's amazing! 
it doesn't leave you with a white or greasy face, causes no breakouts and protects your face from sun caused damages. it's even possible to apply it under foundation, which makes it my summer super hero!

if you have sensitive skin and usually break out from sun protection this is your product! i'm really happy and for the first time i can enjoy the sun without having a tomato or crumble cake face. and the best,  it's much cheaper than most of the others out there! you'll find it in pharmacies and on the internet.

this is not a sponsored post! i simply share a product that absolutely convinced me.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Frozen Grapes

these frozen grapes are a must try! they're my favorite snack for summer and so easy to make. just put them in the freezer, that's all. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Borrowed Look

 i called this post 'the borrowed look' because except jewelry and shoes everything was borrowed for this picture.
some weeks ago i was invited to a blogger night at a boutique here in düsseldorf. i met some lovely fashionbloggers from this area, we had some champagne, good conversations and browsed through the lovely fashion with a mission, find the perfect look. the best look had the chance to win a 50 € voucher.

as i am quite tall and not anywhere near a size zero it's always a struggle to find something that fits and actually is my style, especially in small boutiques. so i already was attuned to find a compromise i could live with.
but let me tell you, this is outfit is far from compromise. i love this look! i already fell in love with the white lace top a few days before when i visited the shop. i had the plan to compose my look around it, and then, that day forgot to wear a top underneath my clothes. so i had to improvise, and as all the jackets were too small i tried this amazing knitter. i love the combination of the sheer black knit and the transparent white lace. and how gorgeous is this stella mccartney look a like bag? its of the softest leather and available in different colors.

all in all i have to say this boutique is a great addition for düsseldorf! this city was missing something like this, every single piece is handpicked by the owner, who is a fashionblogger herself. she knows the trends and brings them to us for absolutely appropriate prices, no need to rob the piggy bank for an individual style. but be quick, the number of each piece is limited, which makes it even more exclusive!
i will soon post an interview with the gorgeous owner alina knips and give you all the facts about this gorgeous boutique!
for all who don't want to wait and check themselves, the boutiques name is 'La Parisienne' and you find it at Collenbachstraße 1 in Düsseldorf.

pictures were taken by her gorgeous friend, whose name i forgot (shame on me!), but shes on instagram and called 'the little black mag' (the gorgeous brown haired girl next to me). thanks to alina for sending the pictures over!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coffee Love

i simply love coffee! i wouldn't call it an addiction, i don't need it to wake up in the morning, but i love to enjoy it. i'm not a huge latte macchiato or cappuccino fan, though i like them from time to time. 
i love simple, good quality coffee, especially when hand brewed. when in town starbucks is my got to when i crave coffee,  their coffee is quite strong and quality is stable.
at home i brew my coffee with a cone coffee filter and my all time favorite coffee 'african blue' by tchibo. it's strong and mild at the same time,the most perfect coffee i know!

whats you favorite coffee and where do you enjoy it?